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Pedal Co-Op is a bicycle powered hauling service that specialized in oversized cargo, recycling pickup, and organic waste management.

It alleviates problems in urban areas such as: traffic congestion, air and noise pollution, and wear on the road.

As a Cooperative, everyone has a stake in the business. This promotes a culture of collaboration and promotes an environment for exploring fresh ideas.

One of these ideas is turning organic waste into soil for local community gardens.

Short video featuring the Pedal Coop won the National Geographic Competition



The Pedal Cooperative (The Pedal Co-op) is a Philadelphia-based organization that provides compost, recycling, and other hauling services exclusively by bicycle.


Incorporated in 2008, The Pedal Coop challenges a culture of casual resource waste by reclaiming resources and creating a sustainable and economical model of waste-reduction and re-use. Every week, rain or shine, the members hit the streets (bike lanes) to reduce systemic problems of air pollution, resource waste, and limited access to healthy soil. In a car-centric culture, and an environment in which people are largely disconnected from growing and harvesting fresh produce, the Co-Op uses pollution-free transportation to haul food waste and transform this product into clean, uncontaminated soil free to urban growers.


The Pedal Coop currently partners with two community gardens, and our Members and volunteers have rebuilt our own composting site in West Philadelphia. The Co-Op collaborates with other gardeners in the City.


The Pedal Coop serves to build an interactive and livable community. By using bicycles to service Philadelphia residents and businesses, the Co-Op fosters community interaction and protect the collective resources – air, water, and soil. Most economic development in the past century has aimed to increase efficiency and production, mechanizing service and shielding workers from residents and business partners. The Pedal Coop uses bicycles and in-person pickups to remove these shields and contribute to the local economy.




The Coop has donated time and services at Bike Philly 2010 and 2011, Best Fest, Philadelphia GreenFest, the Philadelphia Urban Farm Bike Tour (2011), Germantown Friends Interfaith Green Fair, Books Through Bars, Shale Gas Outrage and numerous other events.



The Pedal Coop's Services:


The Pedal Coop charges competitive rates for flexible year round service in Center City, South and West Philadelphia. We operate six days a week, collecting recycling and compost from local non-profits, small businesses, and downtown skyscrapers. Residents, non-profits, and businesses can also contact us for regular or one-time bulky item deliveries.



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