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Playing in the Street

Intersection Accidents

The Experiments



Figuring out the right approach for making the right impact.


The transportation system is an ongoing system with evolving problems. What will our transportation system look like in 10 years? Will it be user friendly? How will it look in 20 years? Playing in Traffic began with these questions.



Observed and Examined the streets.



We had to look at the the high risk zones of the city. Cars run yellow and red traffic signals. Pedestrians jay walk. All this causes accidents. Cyclists do just about whatever they want. If the users of the intersections were more aware of their actions and surroundings then the streets would be safer.








Why does this happen?


Intersections is where automobiles, pedestrians, and cyclists meet. It is a share area that isn't treated like a place that is shared. The team didn't need to go far to find the problems in the transportation infrastructure. Wait till rush hour in an urban area.



What intersections do you choose to do our intervention?


But how do you go about this. Could playful experiments lead us to a new approach? Where would these experiments be conducted. The team had to conduct research in finding the dangerous intersections.



The playful experiments.


Different experiments were conducted to foster user engagement and a more interactive environment.





The experiments were successful in highlighting some of the problems of the crosswalk:


1. Pedestrians need more direct stimuli to be engaged with the cross walk. 2. There is a lack of universal communication among users. 3. Auditory stimuli are highly effective in the crosswalk setting and have the potential to engage both motorists and pedestrians when combined with interactive elements. 4. To understand the effect of civility in the future data would need to be collected and analyzed over time.



To watch the video of the experiments click here.





-- 2011, Active Territory, Philadelphia PA



In collaboration with Jake Wells, Michael Barakat, Kim Forsythe, Jared Delorenzo, and Wes Thomas