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Public Spaces Guide

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Public Spaces In Center City


A booklet and a website that consists of a map of Center City in Philadelphia with layers of transparencies indicating locations and features of public spaces.






Furthermore, it is a statement to address the issue of use of spaces.


In the booklet, there is a "treasure map" leading users to various spots with different feature icons. The purpose is to make users re-evaluate the space and think about how it would be utilized.


Users can also tear off pages from the booklet and stencil on the street to provoke more thinking from other pedestrians.




The Stool


The booklet also comes with a three piece stool that is mobile and easy to assemble. This chair surpass the general idea of a public space. Users can bring this chair to anywhere and mark their own space.




These are just a few questions that arise from this booklet we want people to engage with.


- What is a public space?

- Is it always planned or can it be more spontaneous?

- Do public spaces need to be more frequent in populated ares?

- What kind of locations should they occupy?


Public Spaces Guide.
In collaboration with Danny Chang