John MacDuffie Woodburn

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X Marks the Spot

X in Box

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X on Grass

Site that allows people to mark where they been with the X, site also links to the Public Spaces Guide's website



Publi-X-pace is a further development of the project, Public Spaces In Center City. The yellow chair, X is a planned spontaneity in any open spaces (public or private spaces). The X is more than a physical space. "X marks the spot" effect of the X begins to engage the populace to question typical norms and the nature of public/private spaces: where people go to congregate, relax or pass the time.


To engage more people and raise the awareness of what a public space really means, we also created an online gallery for the X. These geo-tagged images show where the X is used and how it relates to the environment. We also encourage X users to send their photos to be posted. Thus, we seek more interaction among populace in evaluate what a public space really is.


A promtional animation was created for the Public Space project that can be found here, "Planned Sponaneity."


This project was shown at the Design Does exhibition in Philadelphia.


In collaboration with Danny Chang